Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stage 1, Post 2: The Plot

Okay, here is the overall plot of my novel, which I haven't yet picked a title for:
Life's hard when your parents get divorced. Galena Triton knows. She's in the middle of a major custody battle right now with her parents. Her mom is a world-renowned marine biologist who travels the world studying the ocean. Oh, and her father is, well, he's the King of the North Pacific Ocean. That's right. A Sea King. Which makes Galena a princess. And a mermaid. While life under the sea is fun and exciting, she prefers living on dry land amongst other humans. But one weekend, when Galena goes under the sea to visit her father, she meets the handsome merman Dylan. But she has a human boyfriend - Michael. Now, Galena must choose between life on land with her mother and Michael, or life under the sea with Dylan and her father.
Life is hard when your parents are divorced, but it's even harder when you're a part-time teenage mermaid.
What do you think? The idea just literally popped into my head while I was starting this blog about book-planning. I knew I wanted to write about a girl who was secretly a mermaid, and then I got it: her parents can be in the middle of a custody battle! Characters are coming soon!

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